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So many benefits to flying a private jet

Flying a private jet offers huge benefits like luxury, comfort and avoiding long waiting lines at the airport. Catch-a-Jet has partnered with highly trustworthy operators who have years of experience in flying private jets.

Enjoy luxury, style and comfort in a private jet

Thinking about booking a luxurious private jet empty leg flight and getting the full service you deserve? This is made very easy through the Catch-a-Jet platform. You will be able to find a lot of different private jets which will bring you luxury, style, and comfort in all kinds of ways. Most private jets have super comfortable leather seats, working desks, and perfect lightning, so you can work or relax in a luxurious setting. In fact, there are too many benefits to mention, why don’t you try it yourself?

Fly business, fly recreative; fly because you can

There are many reasons to book a private jet, wouldn’t you agree? You might want to fly private because of work or because you want to enjoy flying in luxury to one of your favorite cities. Catch-a-Jet wants everyone to enjoy this experience of a lifetime. By booking empty leg flights directly with our partner operators, you can fly for significantly reduced prices. Even if there are no empty-leg flights available, you can still benefit from flying with our trusted operators by simply booking a charter flight through the app or on our website.

So many jets, so many choices, but easy to book!

With Catch-a-Jet, you cannot only see if your favorite city pairs match an available empty leg flight, you can also explore which private jets are available as there are differences in layout, available number of seats, size, and comfort. Catch-a-Jet matches private flights to personal preferences.

Global Express
Cassna Citation
Cassna 510 Citation Mustang

Already feel the urge to book a private jet? We make it so easy for you to enjoy private jet flights. Within just 3 clicks you have booked and paid your favorite empty leg flight with one of our partner operators.

Enjoy the comfort of landing on small airports

Yes, booking a private jet also has many operational benefits. For example, you can almost always land at smaller airports which are too small for large jets of the commercial airlines. Significant more destinations become available so you’re even closer to your departure or arrival destination, how convenient is that?

Step into your personal world of private flights and download our APP!

Are you excited to book a private jet with Catch-a-Jet? Download it now! You can add unlimited city pairs in your own personalized space of luxury travel. Book when and where you like. Need more information? Just check our FAQ and read all about the how, when and where about empty leg flights, private jets and more.

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